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At Abounding Vines, we believe that good health is every person's birthright.  We are here to provide you with guidance and support to achieve your goals - for health and wellbeing or any other area of your life.


Whether it is subconscious resistance, emotional baggage, or natural supplementation that is needed, we have the tools to help you on your journey! 

With a variety of techniques from newly developed strategies to methods based in ancient wisdom, all procedures used are based on the principal that the body heals when it has what it needs. Through Bioenergetic Assessment (muscle testing), we can resonance test with your body to identify the best balance of elements for your optimum joy and wellbeing!








Victoria earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Dallas Baptist University with a minor in Spanish. Following graduation, she pursued holistic health to have a well-rounded approach to helping her clients. During this training she read The Biology of Belief  by Bruce Lipton and learned the impact that beliefs have on people physically and emotionally. With this information, she decided to study PSYCH-K® and was astounded by the profound results both she and her clients experienced.


Victoria completed her holistic health training and received her certification as a Bioenergetic Practitioner and Wellness Consultant as well as her Holistic Health Practitioner’s Certificate from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). After gaining experience interning with Dr. Mike Traxler, also a holistic health practitioner, she soon began seeing holistic health clients of her own.


Next Victoria learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and decided to train with Rob Nelson at Tapping the Matrix Academy. Victoria used this modality with herself and clients for about a year and was then invited to become an EFT trainer. Victoria now enjoys both having private sessions as well as teaching EFT to her students. Once again, this modality proves to be essential in helping her and her clients achieve physical and emotional wellbeing.


Victoria is grateful for all of her teachers and friends she has met throughout this journey and specially thanks God and her family for their support. During her free time Victoria enjoys rock climbing, playing the piano, and spending time with her family, friends, and cat.


Both personally and in the lives of her clients, the PSYCH-K® process helped relieve physical and emotional issues that had been otherwise unresolved.


Today she enjoys having one-on-one sessions with her clients and teaching her students the modalities that have helped her transform her life to one she loves.


Sharon V.

"I've done various forms of alternative mind, body and spirit healing techniques, some with positive outcomes and others with very little benefit.  When I worked with Victoria, I felt that her knowledgeable and caring way allowed me to immediately feel at ease. She assisted me in pinpointing what I wanted to address in the session, and utilizing the PsychK method, I felt a shift in my body within just a few minutes.  More importantly, this shift stayed with me and allowed me to explore even a greater shift during our second session.


Victoria also was able to pinpoint physical issues that were going on in my body and through her testing method, suggest supplements which further enabled me to reach a greater healing. 


If you would like to reach an understanding on what is going on with you on a deeper level, rather then just masking the symptoms, I highly recommend working with Victoria!"


Casey T.

"I honestly can’t say enough good things about Psych-K and how professional Victoria is! 

She has such a peaceful and loving presence so it was much easier to relax and go deeper into the session than I expected. She is extremely knowledgeable and guided me with ease, explaining everything along the way. My first Psych-K session was incredibly powerful. I released A LOT. The feeling is indescribable really. Like your brain has been re-wired and your entire being feels more at peace and ease with a huge weight lifted off! I am still feeling the shift I experienced and am looking forward to my next session with this beautiful healer.

You are a gift to this world, Victoria!

Thank you so much for helping me!"


Lori C.

"I had just started grad school, and I was struggling with my first class. 

I was overwhelmed with self-doubt. People kept telling me, 'You’re not as young as you used to be,' but not Victoria. She determined that I needed a new direction to build my confidence. 

The change was immediate and immense for me! 

My anxiety levels dropped, and I was able to focus with much more clarity. 

The second half of the class was so much easier for me, I only wish I’d worked with her sooner! I’ve now completed three classes, and I still feel focused and confident, thanks to Victoria and Psych-K!" 



"I was a skeptic before my first appointment and I was a skeptic when I left because I didn't understand. But as much as I fought against it, I could not ignore the change. For years I was debilitated by my anxiety and panic disorder. I still don't fully understand, but maybe it's not my place. I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. My thought process has completely changed. I know it is still a process, but while working withe Victoria, I've seen changes that over 30 years of therapists and medication couldn't yield. It works." 

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