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"Victoria has a toolbox of skills that she is easily able to use with her heartfelt compassion and commitment.  I am a woman over 60, who has been on a healing journey for over 35 years and have explored many modalities as well as being a teacher in the healing arts myself.  I really appreciate it when I meet a new practitioner that is able to guide me deeper and create a safe and loving space for release.   I contacted Victoria for an EFT session, and immediately felt a trust with her, so was able to relax into her guidance.  She has a caring voice and presence and was able to both lead me, and be flexible, when I shifted our focus midstream.  We started and ended the session on time, with a meaningful closure, and it was a really rich experience.  In a short time, we used both EFT and Psych-K to shift long-held feelings and I have honestly felt different ever since.  I'm very grateful!"  



"Victoria has worked with me several times and each time her insight, intuition, and professionalism shines through. She is so effective at asking the perfect questions that helped me discover what I needed to shift. She does it with humor and kindness every time. Victoria is very tuned in and a great listener. I feel so blessed to know her and have the opportunity to work with her. Recently I was having anxiety about jet lag and overseas travel and she helped me see that there was underlying issues around fear and responsibility that needed to be shifted in order to truly enjoy my travels. I’m excited to say that I am so eager to go on this journey now and feel confident that it will be fun, easy to relax and have a great time! Gratitude."



"Victoria Vines is an answered prayer.  Her work has literally transformed my life. I’m new to EFT and Matrix techniques. I didn’t know what to expect. Ms. Vines is very approachable, compassionate and fun! In our sessions, she asked me questions that allowed me to release some DEEP stuff that was holding me back. 

I struggled with emotional binge eating, fear, and self-sabotage. 

On the outside, I appeared to be this confident woman in charge but on the inside I was in shambles. Overweight, failed relationships, mistrust, and a victim mindset were running my life to the ground. EFT and Pysch-K sessions helped me release a lot of stored up negative energy and limiting thoughts.  

My friends and co-workers have commented about a new glow that I have. It’s amazing how the body responds once we release trauma and limiting beliefs. I am also down 1 dress size after a month of sessions. A weight has been lifted off of me and I feel freedom for the first time in my life to create a SPECTACULAR LIFE!"



"Not only is Victoria a colleague in the EFT community, she is my go-to practitioner when I need my own work!

While she is a gifted EFT practitioner,  it is the combination of her many tools that make her so unique in her approach. I have come to have such an appreciation for Psych-K and how it complements EFT beautifully. Victoria is intuitive, kind, and razor sharp in facilitating the client on the healing journey. I have had tremendous shifts very quickly after my sessions with Victoria. She is truly magical. "

New Client Paperwork:

Please print, fill out, and bring with you to your initial visit.