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COmPLETE alignment Technique

Redefine ~ Align ~ Design

The Complete Alignment Technique (CAT) goes beyond the subconscious mind and emotional techniques to align all aspects of a person’s energy with a statement, substance, or goal. This includes aligning body organs, systems, chakras, glands, enablers, and more! Any resistance to the desired result is tested and aligned on multiple levels (i.e. mental, physical, chemical, energetic, etc.) so that the change process is extremely thorough. This technique is also remarkable in that it can be tailored to each individual person so that if there is resistance unique to his or her situation, it can be identified and aligned immediately.


If you have tried other modalities and not achieved your desired result, this might be the technique for you to get shifts that last!

How it works

“The purpose of the Complete Alignment Technique (CAT) is to enable individuals to completely align themselves with a goal, substance, or result so that the frequency of their body matches the frequency of the goal or substance. This is accomplished through muscle testing for alignment, testing ‘modes,’ breathing, and tapping to realign with the desired goal or substance.” – Tyler Watson, Creator of the CAT 



The Complete Alignment Technique is comprised of three overall steps: Redefine, Align, and Design.


After formulating the goal into a concise statement or two, it is important to "redefine" any aspects of it that may contain a negative connotation. This is done so that a person aligns with the highest frequency of what he or she desires to achieve. The next step is to "align" the person with the specified goal so that his or her body and energy field match the desired outcome. The last step is to "design" any aspects of the person's life that need to be put in place so that he or she can attain the goal.  Sometimes conscious action in addition to the change process is necessary to achieve the result. 

*Disclaimer: Although many people have achieved powerful shifts in their quality of life through the technique; nothing in this document or training is meant to imply a guarantee of any specific result. The CAT does not diagnose, prescribe or heal anything. Individual results will vary based on skill and effort. By using this process you agree to take full responsibility for your health, relationships, and success. If you use this on any allergies, you agree to take full responsibility for any reactions that may or may not occur.

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