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Perspectives: My Intention For Blogging

I want to be honest with you: writing a blog is something I NEVER imagined myself doing. Ever.

I’ve never really been interested in blogging and I have rarely read anyone else’s blog.

In my perspective, blogs were something that a certain type of white girl wrote – the kind of person who always has a perfect hairdo and newly polished nails. Not me, the rock climbing, workout junkie who hasn’t painted her nails since attending a wedding in 2017. (Told you I wanted to be honest!)

Yet, here I am. I started a blog. I’m sharing my heart. I’m being "vulnerable."

I’m not writing this blog because I want to claim to have all the answers or the “right” opinion on things – because I don’t. I have an opinion, a perspective, a view on these topics that will probably change again (at least slightly) as time goes on.

I’m writing this blog because I am realizing that sometimes what keeps us the most stuck – or, alternatively, what frees us the most – is simply our perspectives. These can be perspectives on life issues, on our circumstances, on our significant others, etc.

Sometimes we walk around with blinders (those things that they put on horses to keep them only gazing ahead) and we fail to see the big picture of whatever we it is we are looking at. Now, there is a time and place for blinders – i.e. walking through Target when you already have more items in your basket than you were planning to buy! But when the blinders are hindering us, or if we don’t know that they are there, they can be detrimental to our happiness and peace.

Everyone in the world has different perspectives based on his or her upbringing, experiences, and consciousness in this life.

This world shapes us, changes us, and tries to show us what to believe. I grew up with people telling me what think and how to feel about almost every aspect of the world. A lot of the information was true, but some of it wasn’t.

For example, much of what I now know about health, energy work, and the power of beliefs is different than I was taught. I did not think that pain, physical issues, and emotional turmoil could be relieved instantly (without drugs or supplements). I had no idea that we attract into our lives what we believe in, focus on, and speak about consistently.

Life doesn't just happen TO us - we have the ability to co-create and alter our lives.

This was simultaneously scary and liberating. Scary because it shattered the view of how I thought the world worked, but freeing in the sense that I did not have to be bound by certain ideas I thought were reality.

Our beliefs, perceptions, and emotions affect how we experience this life. If we are not enjoying what we are creating, we can shift our energy to allow something different to come into our lives in the future. Sometimes it can be as simple of becoming aware of the issue to change it consciously. Other times we might need tools (like PSYCH-K® or EFT) to shift the subconscious mind in order to resolve it. Either way, change is possible and you don’t have to be stuck where you’ve always been.

When we limit our views or perspectives on things, we limit the possibilities of what can happen. Alternatively, when we open ourselves up to multiple possibilities, we free ourselves to attract something new into our lives.

What if there were no conditions on life or how it unfolds? How can shifting your perspective allow for a better life?

All that to say, I write this blog in the hopes that it helps you shift perspectives in a way that liberates and transforms you. I hope that my posts uplift, educate, and excite you for the possibilities in store for your life. Give yourself permission to dream big, because those dreams just might come true!

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